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Time to Share for Mexico

We are a foundation that procures and channels financial and/or in-kind resources to non-profit charities that support children with cancer and people with mental health disorders.

Give and Support!
With our Mexican Hospitality books

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The Mexican Hospitality books are known as “the Giving Books” because when you buy them you help people like Melisa. At 6 years old, Melisa was terminally ill with an inoperable tumor, wore diapers, and did not walk or play with her brothers or friends. After treatment, Melisa can jump rope, no longer uses diapers, talks, and can communicate and play like any child of her age. Or Viviana, whose arms show the scars of several suicide attempts and who has had serious conflicts with her partners. Initially against her will, she entered a program for people with mental disorders. Now, she has a very rewarding job and has recovered the desire to live, love, and help others. There are many stories like these and, with your support, we will help them multiply.

I would like to thank you with all my heart for helping by buying 10, 20, or 30 books as gifts for your birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and any other special occasions. Purchases of one or two books are also VERY WELCOME. We have two volumes, both in Spanish and English, and Mexican Hospitality II was recently released.

In the case that you buy 500 or more copies, we can personalize the books with your company’s logo and an accompanying letter from your organization’s director. Please contact us on this page: for information on how to donate or buy books and make your purchase tax deductible. We are overjoyed that with your help, we can support these children and people in feeling loved, and you can enjoy these beautiful books that can guide you and give you ideas when you want to spoil your family and friends with delicious recipes, a nice table, and beautiful flower arrangements.

You can turn despair and desperation into hope and joy for a child or patient and their family!